F-Spot Records is a Los Angeles based independent vinyl record label built up by a community of local L.A. musicians and bands. Doing what we do. Putting out what we want to put out.


Officially founded in 2015, by David Celia as a means to press some vinyl 45’s, F-Spot Records has grown into discovering a new wave of that West Coast and California Soul inspired sound. Keeping true through analogue recording and a DIY mentality, we enjoy music each with a vibe and characteristic of it’s own.


Soul to Jazz to Funk with African inspired flavors, F-Spot Records goal is simple, make records and get those records out to the people who want to enjoy them. We do what we love and have a good time in doing it. 


Here’s to the future, what’s to come, and the new music that has yet to be created. - DC


David Celia


© 2018 F-Spot Records

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