WOODY & JEREMY - Hold Up, Look Back 12" LP
WOODY & JEREMY - Hold Up, Look Back 12" LP
Woody & Jeremy

WOODY & JEREMY - Hold Up, Look Back 12" LP

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Longtime friends and part time bandmates Woody and Jeremy return with their new album Hold Up, Look Back. Their junior effort turns out to be their most cohesive, tasteful and mature work yet. It’s also goofy, silly, often dryly funny and pretty much always funky. Or in other words it could be considered a classic Woody and Jeremy record.

It’s got that low-key “Hey folks are over, let’s put on some vinyl and rev up the turntable” kind of energy to it. It’s a break up record but it’s also a get together record. It’s a thinking about the past kind of record but it’s also a moving into the future kind of record. It’s a record about learning from your mistakes and moving towards emotional resolution, but it’s also about enjoying life, being horny, stupid and having fun.

The tracks move from yacht rock to full on dance funk vibes. Woody and company are operating at an all time high in the rhythm and grooves department.

A usual cast of characters returns to flesh out the sound, including Joe Dart and Andrew Vogt trading off bass duties, Packy Lundholm handling guitar and percussion and Reuben Garza on drums. A few special guests appear as well, including percussionist Brijean Murphy, saxophonist Ted Taforo, multi-instrumentalist David Celia and vocalists Jess Best and Taylor Harvey.

The album was recorded at Rax Trax and Sound Vault Studios in Chicago and in living rooms and backyard sheds all across Los Angeles. Paul Cherry mixed the record and added a guitar lick or two as well for good measure.

The tracks “Love Letter” and “In My Cessna 206” have become band favorites but there’s also two incredible six minute plus jammers on the B-side that aren’t to be missed - “Just A Little Bit” a Bowie-esque dance number and “End Of The Line” which might be the boys at their most Steely Dan yet. But whatever might be your standout track, hopefully this fun and groovy album finds a place in your heart and on your record shelf.